Jurassic sighting

Jurassic sighting

The sleepy streets of Stanley quivered with a low echoing rumble. 

Rubble cascaded from the Nut as the ground quaked with the slow and steady steps of a terrifying prehistoric predator trolling along Church Street. 

Heads turned, cars slowed. Toby the T-Rex was in town. 

Despite his alarming appearance, the 66-million-year-old carnivore was nothing more than a gentle giant, simply taking a stroll through the seaside streets of the tourist town. 

While taking time out from a tour of Tassie, the Real Dinosaurs entertainment team put on an impromptu performance for Stanley locals and visitors. 

Real Dinosaurs’ Lisa Smibert says the entertainment crew opted for a leisurely few days in Stanley after promoting upcoming shows. Even on his day off, Toby the T-Rex found time to surprise students at Stanley Primary School. 

Greeted by squeals of delight, excitement and only a touch of terror, Toby posed for selfies before wandering on. 

Now with correspondence to catch up on, Toby found one of the few remaining telephone boxes big enough to accommodate a dinosaur. 

Standing at 2.5 metres tall and extending four metres in length, Toby squeezed in to one of the last two working old-style telephone boxes in Tasmania to call home. 

Stamps of Stanley owner Cornell Huysse was taken quite aback by the guest. 

“We have lots of strange visitors but Toby really put the bite on us,” he laughs. 

Look out, for this won’t be the last time we see Toby the T-Rex in town. He plans to visit next year with friends Razor the Raptor, Regina the T-Rex and Tilda the Baby T-Rex. 

Real Dinosaurs will bring Dinomania to Stanley Town Hall in January. 

To find out more, check out www.realdinosaurs.com.au. 

Stamps of Stanley owner Cornell Huysse found himself in a precarious place when Toby the T-Rex stopped in for a visit last week.