Road Kops a flogging

Road Kops a flogging

Heavy rains and neglect have wreaked havoc on local country roads and sparked conversations regarding access into local attractions such as the Spion Kop barbecue area.

Locals are looking for answers as to who is responsible and what is being done for the popular spots off the beaten track.

With large sections of the road washed away, fallen trees and debris the road is really only suitable for 4WD access.

Previously owned and managed by Forestry Tasmania the road is now managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service and appears to be all but forgotten about.

Spion Kop Road, from the junction at South Forest to the turn off to the recreation area is a council road and is in very poor condition with ruts and much of the sides of the road washed out after heavy rain on Friday night. 

Circular Head Council’s June agenda, which contains the Transport Infrastructure Asset Management Plan 2020 defines the services to be provided, how the services are provided and what funds are required to provide over the twenty year planning period. The Asset Management Plan will link to a Long-Term Financial Plan which typically considers a 10 year planning period.

Circular Head Council is responsible for the acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal of a transport infrastructure network of 766.5 kms with a replacement value in excess of $190 million. 

Council currently do not allocate enough budget to sustain these services at the proposed standard or to provide all new services being sought. Works and services that cannot be provided under present funding levels are: Convert all unsealed roads to sealed roadway; Upgrade of all identified functional deficiencies; Maintain service standards in circumstances such as unforeseen extraordinary heavy vehicle road usage or during extreme weather events. 

Council plan to provide Transport Infrastructure services for the following: 

Operation, maintenance, renewal and upgrade of road pavements and surfaces, bridges, culverts and drainage, footpaths, kerb and channel, and other miscellaneous road assets to meet service levels set by in annual budgets; and within the 10 year planning period: 

Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Sampson Avenue and Goldie Street; Reconstruct sections of Church St; Overlay and reseal Comeback Rd; Upgrade to concrete the Huetts Road bridge over Duck River; Rehabilitate and reseal Mella Road; Reconstruct Park Lane; Rehabilitate and reseal Rennison Road; and reconstruct pavement and seal section of Upper Grant Street.

The Chronicle contacted Parks and Wildlife for a response. Read next week’s Chronicle to find out what Parks and Wildlife have planned in the upcoming months for Circular Head areas.

The road into the popular local area of Spion Kop has been left to wash away with limited access to non 4WD vehicles.